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Order Procedure For Dealers
Order Placement*
Please use Hanssem Order Forms and Nomenclature to place your order. A copy of the floor plan or layout if submitted will help in case of clarifications. However, Hanssem does not take responsibility for errors and omissions if the layout and the written orders differ.
Order Entry
After the orders are received, we enter the orders into the Hanssem Computer System. Written orders take preference.
Order Confirmation**
Acknowledgements will be sent out on all orders. Dealers must review and notify Hanssem of any changes within 48 hours. Hanssem will not process any orders until a WANT DATE is indicated on the order. Dealers are not required to send signed confirmations back. Euro Line will be scheduled for delivery according to the want date indicated by the dealer. However, non stock items in Euro Line and Euro2 Line orders will be processed only after assigned confirmation from the dealer is received. Dealers must review and send back assigned confirmation sheet. Rush orders will be handled on a case-by-case basis only. No changes or cancellations will be allowed on rush orders.

We have outstanding lead time for each product line.

Best Price, Available in 1-2 Weeks and All components in Stock.


For deliveries within 100 miles from the factory location, showroom deliveries will incur 6% freight and jobsite deliveries will incur 8% freight. A minimum delivery charge of $30 applies on all deliveries, based on a single stop at one location.

For deliveries more than 100 miles from the factory location, please contact Hanssem.

Jobsites must be prepared and be easily accessible via state or county roads for cabinet delivery.

Jobsite deliveries to 2nd or higher floors of multi-story buildings must have access to an elevator. Deliveries to "walk-ups" are not available. Unless noted, a signed delivery receipt indicates complete shipment of an order with no shortages or damages.

Ground Freight / Parcel Services
If requested, Hanssem will send certain items via ground freight. A charge will be assessed to cover costs of shipping and handling. Orders sent C. 0. D. would incur additional charges to cover shipping agent fees.

Pick-Up Of Order
Dealer may pick-up at the factory. To schedule a time slot, dealer must call factory at least 2 days prior to pick-up date. Pick-ups will be treated as tail-gate delivery. Hanssem personnel will not load trucks. This order will be invoiced on the scheduled pick-up date and given to driver.


All claim for missing or defective items must be made in writing to Hanssem within seven (7) days of receipt of the products, and follow the given procedure. For any service regarding defective products, during Hanssem's warranty period, the dealer must follow the given procedure also.

• Use the Missing / Damaged Item Claim Form or the Service Request Form to inform Hanssem.
• Submit the Original Hanssem Order Number and customer's P.O number.
• Provide the description of missing or defective item as accurately as possible.
• A Hanssem service technician may call to inspect the defective parts and replace them at the jobsite.

After Service

For all after service claims regarding defective products, during Hanssem's warranty period, dealers must follow the given procedure.

• Use the Service Request Form to inform Hanssem.
• Submit the Original Hanssem Order Number and your Purchase number (P.O number).
• Provide the description of defective item or situation as accurately as possible.
• Following receipt of service request, a Hanssem service technician will call to schedule inspection and service.

  * Changes in Orders
Dealer must review and notify Hanssem of any changes within 48 hours. Requests for changes after 48 hours will be considered, based on Hanssem's ability to accommodate them and will incur a net charge of $25.00 plus material and labor incurred, per order. At this time new lead time will be based on the changes made.
** Cancellations of Orders
Acceptance of confirmation is final and binding,no cancellation will be allowed.

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