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For Customers
Planning and Measurement

At the time of visiting our showrooms or dealers, bring a rough sketch of your kitchen with measurements in inches. This will allow the designer to understand your needs and requirements. Talk with the designer and explain briefly what you have in mind for your kitchen. If you feel comfortable with the designer, you should setup an appointment with the designer to come in to your home and take accurate measurements of the kitchen area.

Design Consulting
The most important aspect for a customer buying a new kitchen, is the design. The designer will help answer questions like: What shape will the kitchen have, how big is the family that will use the kitchen and how often will the kitchen be used? What will the kitchen be used for apart from cooking? What kinds of appliances will I need? What kind of materials and color do I prefer? This host of questions will enable the designer to work with you to develop your dream kitchen. This information collected along with the accurate measurements of your kitchen area will help the designer to proceed to the next phase.
CAD (Computer Aided Design) Drawing
The measurements and the information collected will allow the designer prepare 2 – 3 computer design layouts or CAD(Computer Aided Drawings) of what your kitchen may look like.  At this point you should provide your input about the placements and usage of cabinets, accessories and hardware in the kitchen.
Material Selection
your choice should be based on your requirements and kitchen layout. Ask your salesperson the advantages and disadvantages and costs of each and how your lifestyle will be affected by each of the materials.
Once the selection of the material has been done or at least narrowed down to a couple of options, ask for estimates of the work to be done based on a set of plans and specifications, as cost will be defined by material as well.  Research all of the alternatives in terms of product, style and price.

After the design and material selection, you should review the quotes and designs before signing any contract. Maintain contact with your designer during the project regarding the progress and deviations from the contract.

The above have been written with the intention of describing briefly the process of acquiring new kitchen cabinetry. Please use them as guides only for developing your own procedures.

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